Andrés ओम्

Born in the mountains of Colombia, South America, Andrés was fortunate to encounter yoga since very young, at a yoga retreat in 1999, when he was 14 years old. A strong desire for self-realization, enlightenment and self-knowledge awaken then. Andres is a certified yoga teacher: he holds a 2 years Yoga Training Certification (5000+ hours), plus completing other continued education yoga trainings (500+ hours).

This desire led him towards a journey with many teachers, paths & yoga schools including 2 years of Ashram life in India, studies in Krishnamacharya lineage at Krishnamachar Yoga Shala Mysore, Dharma Yoga Center, Ashtanga Yoga, Vippasana Meditation, Pranic living, Chamanism, Native American Vision Quests, Sufi Whirling among others. Years of inner & outward research finally led him to a teacher that would inspire him to embody the core values of Yoga: Dharma Mittra.

After all this years of deep studies and regular constant practice, the time came to share the teachings that transformed his life: he started teaching in 2009, after sustained constant practice since 2003.

Linked to the fundamental teachings of  Dharma Mittra (Ahimsa & Loving Kindness) he also encountered the teachings of Thai Yoga Massage (Metta & Energy bodywork), deepening his studies in Sunshine Network, AnaThai Touch School & Sunshine Massage School. Andres is a certified Thai massage therapist with several certifications from some of the best teachers in the world. He has worked as a therapist worldwide in several renowned Healing Centers.

Parallel to his studies on Yoga, his aspiration to contribute to environmental conservation inspired him to finish a 5 year BSc on Ecology and he is currently co-founder of an environmental-human unity project in India (check “Eco-Projects”)

Keeping alive the “student spirit”, Andrés dedicates his life to share the teachings of Yoga, Energy bodywork & Ecology around the planet: he has been teaching with regularity in Croatia, Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, India, Colombia and Greece for the past years.