Genève June 8-9/2019

– Saturday June 8 : Dharma Masterclass 16h30-18h30 The Darma yoga practice will embrace postures (Asanas), breathing (Pranayama), Meditation (Dhyana), Concentration (Dharana), activation of the energetic centers (Chakras), and Relaxation techniques. As a result, the flow of Prana (Vital Life Force) is unblocked throughout the Nadis (energy meridians). Balance is restored in the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive … More Genève June 8-9/2019

Madrid Mayo 25,26 & 31 – Junio 1-2/ 2019

Mayo 25 – ASANAS: RELACIÓN CON EMOCIONES Y ÓRGANOS en el Gong Ven a entender la relación entre las emociones y los órganos, y el efecto de las asanas sobre los órganos. Las emociones deben fluir constantemente. Cuando una emoción, esto causa tensión en alguna parte del cuerpo. Si la tensión y el bloqueo de la emoción persisten, … More Madrid Mayo 25,26 & 31 – Junio 1-2/ 2019

South Italy Yoga Retreat May 9-12, 2019

Be Receptive… deepen your Yoga Practice & Kowledge in a Paradise land on Earth. INCLUDES : Private Beach South Italian Healthy Veg Food 2 Hatha Raja Yoga Practices per Day Deep Breathing Techniques Daily Meditation Yoga Nidra Thai Yoga Massage Nature  Agni (fire) ceremony on the beach Optionals: Reiki, pottery, Traditional Pizza making, Sound Bath, … More South Italy Yoga Retreat May 9-12, 2019

Croatia April 28- May 3-4 / 2019

Zagreb  April 28 – ASANAS: RELATION WITH ORGANS Complete yoga practice and theory with focus on purifying inner organs through challenging asanas, breathing techniques and deep relaxation. Asanas are a powerful tool. In this Master class we will explore the relation between emotions and organs, and the effect of asanas on organs. Remember, through constant practice contentment … More Croatia April 28- May 3-4 / 2019