Genève June 8-9/2019

– Saturday June 8 : Dharma Masterclass 16h30-18h30 The Darma yoga practice will embrace postures (Asanas), breathing (Pranayama), Meditation (Dhyana), Concentration (Dharana), activation of the energetic centers (Chakras), and Relaxation techniques. As a result, the flow of Prana (Vital Life Force) is unblocked throughout the Nadis (energy meridians). Balance is restored in the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive … More Genève June 8-9/2019

Madrid Mayo 25,31 – Junio 1-2/ 2019

  Mayo 25 – ASANAS: RELACIÓN CON EMOCIONES Y ÓRGANOS:  Ven a entender la relación entre las emociones y los órganos, y el efecto de las asanas sobre los órganos. Las emociones deben fluir constantemente. Cuando una emoción, esto causa tensión en alguna parte del cuerpo. Si la tensión y el bloqueo de la emoción persisten, órganos … More Madrid Mayo 25,31 – Junio 1-2/ 2019

South Italy Yoga Retreat May 9-12, 2019

Be Receptive… deepen your Yoga Practice & Kowledge in a Paradise land on Earth. INCLUDES : Private Beach South Italian Healthy Veg Food 2 Hatha Raja Yoga Practices per Day Deep Breathing Techniques Daily Meditation Yoga Nidra Thai Yoga Massage Nature  Agni (fire) ceremony on the beach Optionals: Reiki, pottery, Traditional Pizza making, Sound Bath, … More South Italy Yoga Retreat May 9-12, 2019

Croatia April 27- May 6 / 2019

Zagreb  April 27 – ASANAS: RELATION TO EMOTIONS AND ORGANS: Come to understand the relation between emotions and organs, and the effect of asanas on organs too. Emotions must flow constantly. When an emotion is blocked, this causes tension somewhere in the body. If the tension and blockage of emotions and energy persists, inner organs will start to suffer. … More Croatia April 27- May 6 / 2019