Auroville, India, Sept 2017: Intro to Thai Yoga Massage

Sept 2 – Introductory workshop to Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

* This is only an introductory workshop which doesn’t capacitate you to become a professional therapist.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Is an Ancient technique used to unblock energy stagnation and awaken our inner healer. This is achieved through both pressure on the energy lines (Nadis) and movements of the body and joins based in Yoga Asanas. It embraces people of all background who feel drawn to it as a transformative practice. Most important, the practice is not just about some exercises; it´s about giving from the heart with compassion.
I. Morning (3 h) 9-12h
Ø Introduction and history
Ø 4 Principles & the Spirit of Thai Yoga Massage
Ø State of the patient
Ø 7 general Rules
Ø Theory: The 10 energy lines and their similarity with the yogic Nadis.
 Sen sumana
 Sen ittha & Sen Pingkala
 Sen Kalathari
 Sen Sahatsarangsi & Sen thawari
 Sen Lawusang & Sen ulangka
 Sen Nanthakrawat & Sen Kitchana
Ø Feet, leg & chest massage

II. Afternoon (2h) 14-16h
Ø Side position
Ø Sitting position
Ø Hand and face massage




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