Genève June 20-21/2020

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Inner organs have mind, they are being’s: very intelligent. If you don’t pay attention to them, they don’t work properly. Blocked emotions, particularly, have a deep effect on organs. In this workshop we will learn specific Breathing techniques, Asanas and Mantras to bring equanimity to your emotions and well being to your inner organs.

Come to understand the relation between emotions and organs, and the effect of asanas on organs.

!! No Prerequisites. For everyBODY. !!


Saturday, June 20 : 9h30-12h30
Sunday, June 21 : 9h30-12h30


– 100chf members
– 140chf visitors


Online : MindBody (click for link) 

Workshops with ANDRES ACOSTA.
Andres began living the Yoga life since youth. He studied in several places, and finally found his inspiration in the teachings of Master Yogi Sri Dharma Mitra. He is also certified in Yoga Thai Massage by the Sunshine Massage School and Therapy Thai Massage School.
Meditation is part of his practice, and he has completed courses in Vipassana meditation (Goenka Lineage), Pranic Consciousness, and Vision Quest of the Native American Lineage, among others. Parallel to his studies on Yoga and Meditation he has a qualified career on Ecology.
Andres dedicates his life to live and transmit the teachings and Love for Yoga around South America, India and Europe.

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