Paris April 13-14 /2019


  • Saturday 13 ~ 14:00 16:30  ~ YOGA FOR THE SPINE:

“You are as young as your spine is flexible”, is a common knowledge shared in hatha yoga. Come and learn the basic knowledge of anatomy of the spine, and how specific asanas have specific effects on the spine. Beyond the anatomical knowledge, we will also learn about the subtle/energetical importance of the spine in our daily life and yoga practice.

  • Sunday 14 ~ 14:00 17:30 ~ ENERGY MERIDIANS IN ASANA PRACTICE:
The body energy meridian wisdom – Nadis (Sanskrit) – is one of the most important and fundamental pillars of Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, Chinese Médicine, Shiatsu and Ayurveda. Prana Nadis are energetic pathways of the life, giving breath in the body. When the energy doesn’t flow appropriately through these energy lines disease appears.
In this workshop, you will learn the origin of this millenary knowledge and practical application for Yoga postures (Asanas)

Info & bookings: Yoga Village 


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