Zagreb The House of Dharma, July 4-5/2020 ~ ​Yoga Immersion

July 4-5 ​Yoga Immersion with Andres Acosta
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​JULY 4 Saturday 11 am – 2 pm
Master class focus en Purifying Energy System and Nadis 

Deep yoga practice, with focus on purifying the energy system of our being through grounding asanas,  mantra chanting, breathing techniques and Deep relaxation. As a result, the flow of Prana (Vital Life Force) is unblocked throughout the Nadis (energy meridians). Balance is restored in the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and psychic being. Through constant practice contentment (santōṣḥ), ecuanimity (śamatha), conscious health, connection and well-being will be established in daily life

JULY 5 Sunday 11 am – 2 pm
Yogic acupressure
When you touch something, you touch the entire Universe”. System inspired in Yogi Shivaka Kumar Baccha (He was close to Buddha and personal physician of his Sangha). Discover all the secrets behind this tradition linked to energy meridians, tricks to unblock stegnant energy, and how to connect with others through this technique while practicing “Metta” (loving kindness) meditation.

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